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Alex Cranberg at CERAWeek   Leave a comment


alex cranberg with Aaron Harbor  The Aaron Harbor Show.  alexcranberg.comalex cranberg  aaron harbor show  ihs CeraWeek

Aaron Harber

See full interview of Alex Cranberg with Aaron Harbor by clicking here.


Impact that school choice has on a child   Leave a comment

ACE is thrilled to premier this motion graphic video that shows the impact that school choice has on a child, and on our entire community.

There is a deepening crisis in the United States.   Leave a comment

Half of African-American and Hispanic children drop out of high school. Of those who graduate, many read at a middle school level, and few are ready for college. Our poor, inner-city children are not receiving the education they need to become successful contributors to society.

Without a diploma these children are as likely to go to prison, as they are to go to college. The promise of the American Dream – “a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement,” according to James Truslow Adams – is just that for these children: a dream.
We can fix this crisis. But first, we must truly understand the extent of the problem.
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We need to encourage and reward performance   Leave a comment

“We need to encourage and reward performance,” regent Alex Cranberg said.

As noted in the Texas Tribune article regarding Tenured UT System faculty members and their evaluations.

Alex Cranberg, Accompanied Gov. Perry to a Function with Supporters in Aspen Colorado.   Leave a comment

Alex Cranberg

Alex Cranberg, accompanied Gov. Perry to a function with supporters in Aspen Colorado.

A desire to find common ground   1 comment

Alex Cranberg

Alex Cranberg indicated a desire to find common ground regarding the UT debate over higher education. He has begun making inquiries about joining the recently formed Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education, a large group of prominent Texans who have joined together in response to the debate.  Cranberg said he wishes to do his part to “inform their efforts and support their aims.”

“The Coalition will do its best work if it is well informed about what sorts of ideas are actually under consideration as opposed to those which are not,” wrote Cranberg, who has also expressed an interest to being a member of the group’s leadership committees. “It’s not a good use of time to fight over things we agree over.”

Alex Cranberg – UT And his Return to Austin   Leave a comment

Alex Cranberg - Austin, TX

Alex Cranberg talks about his time at the University of Texas and his return to Austin.

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