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Aaron Harber

See full interview of Alex Cranberg with Aaron Harbor by clicking here.


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“What a great Mother’s Day gift,” said Regent Alex Cranberg in his commencement address, “a college degree that will transform lives.”

UTPB held Spring Commencement at 9 a.m., Saturday, May 12, 2012. 339 graduates received their diplomas in a ceremony that was outside in the grassy quad area between the Mesa, Science and Tech, Student Activities and Library Buildings.

U.T. System Regent Alex M. Cranberg gave the commencement address. Regent Cranberg was appointed to a six-year term on the University of Texas System Board of Regents by Governor Rick Perry in February 2011. Mr. Cranberg has been active in education philanthropy, governance and policy advocacy.

In his commencement address, Regent Cranberg noted the population of those graduating from UTPB: 82% were transfer students, 62% were first generation college graduates, 70% were students from outside of the Permian Basin, 45% were hispanic and the age range of those graduating was between 20-65 years.

“Persistence and perseverance are the building blocks of earning a degree,” added Regent Cranberg, “Now is the hard part – going out in the world. Now is your moment to dream big…What starts here at UTPB changes the world.”

The Spanish convocation followed in the Multipurpose Room of the Student Union and honors graduates from Spanish speaking families.

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Half of African-American and Hispanic children drop out of high school. Of those who graduate, many read at a middle school level, and few are ready for college. Our poor, inner-city children are not receiving the education they need to become successful contributors to society.

Without a diploma these children are as likely to go to prison, as they are to go to college. The promise of the American Dream – “a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement,” according to James Truslow Adams – is just that for these children: a dream.
We can fix this crisis. But first, we must truly understand the extent of the problem.
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“We need to encourage and reward performance,” regent Alex Cranberg said.

As noted in the Texas Tribune article regarding Tenured UT System faculty members and their evaluations.

Alex Cranberg speak at Philanthropy Roundtable Oct 28th, Phoenician, Scottsdale, AZ   Leave a comment

Alex Cranberg  - Philanthropy Roundtable

See Alex Cranberg speak at the Friday, October 28  3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.  Afternoon Breakout Sessions

What Sparked the School Choice Resurgence of 2011?

Surprise! 2011 has been a monumental year for education reform. This year alone, 36 states have either passed or are considering comprehensive legislation on school vouchers, tax credits, and other education reform measures. Of these, 12 states and the District of Columbia have implemented reforms to expand or create school choice programs. What accounts for this sheer volume of school-funding reform activity? And what role did philanthropy play? While some have said the reforms were a byproduct of the 2010 elections, others have pointed to the dramatic shift in strategy away from white papers and editorials and towards public awareness-building and sophisticated political advocacy. At this session, speakers from three states that exemplify the resurgence—Colorado, Arizona, and Indiana—will explain how they turned things around. What are the lessons for donors who want to advance school choice reforms in their states? Where did reforms fail, and what can we learn from these failures? As the school choice movement moves forward, how can it maintain momentum and guard its victories as it evolves and matures?

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Texas Tribune Festival

Public & Higher Education


A Colloquy About Higher Education Reform with UT Regent Alex Cranberg and UT Austin President Bill Powers.

Alex Cranberg is the chairman of Aspect Holdings, a Denver-based private energy investment and exploration company, and founded the Alliance for Choice in Education, which provides scholarships for private and parochial schooling for children from low-income families. In February, Gov. Rick Perry appointed him to the University of Texas System Board of Regents. Read the rest of this entry »

Alex Cranberg, Accompanied Gov. Perry to a Function with Supporters in Aspen Colorado.   Leave a comment

Alex Cranberg

Alex Cranberg, accompanied Gov. Perry to a function with supporters in Aspen Colorado.

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