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Alex Cranberg, UT Regent

Alex Cranberg, UT Regent

A desire to find common ground

Alex Cranberg indicated a desire to find common ground regarding the UT debate over higher education. He has begun making inquiries about joining the recently formed Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education, a large group of prominent Texans who have joined together in response to the debate.  Cranberg said he wishes to do his part to “inform their efforts and support their aims.”

“The Coalition will do its best work if it is well informed about what sorts of ideas are actually under consideration as opposed to those which are not,” wrote Cranberg, who has also expressed an interest to being a member of the group’s leadership committees. “It’s not a good use of time to fight over things we agree over.”


In response to Chancellor Cirarroa’s  message to the Board:

The Chancellor’s message reinforced the important reforms that this Board must push forward to advance excellence at the University of Texas.

Among these are:

– A purpose that is relevant to society
– Recognition and rewards for great teaching (grad AND undergrad) as well as for great research
– Quantify and track with transparency with emphasis on outcomes
– Embrace and lead in learning technology
– Make sure that students achieve their degrees more efficiently



Posted April 4, 2011 by Marshall

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